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Meet the CIX 2024 Top 20 Early and Top 10 Growth Award Recipients

The CIX Top 20 Early and Top 10 Growth Awards recognize outstanding Canadian tech companies in early and growth stages. A committee of over 150+ prominent global investors selects winners by considering several factors, such as innovation, market potential, business model and leadership. Get ready to meet the 2024 recipients and hear them pitch on stage!

Top 20 Early and Top 10 Growth Alumni

Celebrate the achievements of CIX alumni, early innovators and trailblazers shaping the future of Canada's tech landscape.

Top 20 Early

Adaptis Technologies Logo
Aimsio Logo
ChargeLab Logo
Diversio Logo
Dryishya AI Logo
FemTherapeutics Logo
FluidAI Technologies Logo
Lotus_Medical Logo
Manifest Climate Logo
Neurovine Logo
Oncoustics AI Logo
Nuro Logo
PrivateAI Logo
Promis Robotics Logo
Savvy Logo
Solaires_Enterprises Logo
Spotwork_logo Logo
Stathera_Inc Logo
Voiceflow Logo
Xandar_Kardian Logo

Top 10 Growth

Bloom_Care_Solutions Logo
BrainBox_AI Logo
CapIntel Logo
Marble Logo
Quickcontractors Logo
Uvaro Logo
Viral_Nation Logo
Wrk Logo
Zum_Rails Logo

Startup world cup

Initially recognized by CIX as a Top 20 Early company, SRTX emerged as the global champion at the 2022 Startup World Cup Grand Finale in San Francisco! The Startup World Cup is a prestigious global competition featuring top startups competing for a $1 million investment prize. SRTX's win underscores the Canadian innovation ecosystem's worldwide impact and highlights CIX's significant role in fostering and showcasing leading Canadian tech companies.

StartUp World Cup