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Startup World Cup

Startup World Cup isn't just an event; it's a global catalyst for startup success. Created by Pegasus Tech Ventures, this renowned conference and competition link entrepreneurs with opportunities across continents. With over 70 regional events globally, Startup World Cup culminates in a Grand Finale in Silicon Valley, offering the champion a life-changing USD $1 million investment.

Startup World Cup winner

Startup World Cup and CIX

CIX is thrilled to announce its ongoing collaboration with Startup World Cup, now in its seventh year hosting the Canadian regional competition. Integrated into the CIX Summit, Powered by Elevate, this year's regional showdown is happening in Toronto on March 26-27, 2024. Together, we're opening doors for Canadian startups, providing direct access to Silicon Valley's top VCs and tech moguls, and fueling opportunities for funding and strategic partnerships.

Startup World Cup winner

This Year

Get ready for another exciting year at the CIX Summit, powered by Elevate, where Startup World Cup judges will attend to select the Canadian finalist from the 2024 CIX Top 20 Early companies. The winner will be announced at CIX on March 27 and will secure a coveted spot at the Grand Finale in San Francisco on October 4, 2024.

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Past Winners

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