Speaker Massi Basiri


Massi Basiri

Co-Founder & President


Massi Basiri is a self-proclaimed tech geek who is passionate about changing lives. In his spare time, he loves to build and create. Whether it’s woodworking, robotics, or automation, Massi takes pride in bringing new ideas to life. As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ApplyBoard, he ensures that student success and well-being are at the forefront of every one of the organization’s processes and initiatives. 

Massi’s path into the EdTech space was not linear. In 2012, he came to Canada from Iran with the goal of attending medical school and becoming a doctor. But just weeks before his tuition deposit was due, the Iranian dollar crashed. Forced to decline his program, Massi quickly pivoted and enrolled in Fitness and Health Promotion at Conestoga College.

Working several part-time jobs and studying full time, Massi quickly realized that the two things that drew him to medicine, helping others and having autonomy, were achievable in other disciplines. While exploring his talents and career direction, Massi joined forces with his brothers, Martin and Meti, in the tech field, helping new international students not unlike himself. Although he was excited to start this adventure with his brothers, Massi remained conflicted, wondering if he was taking the right path.

It wasn’t until Massi began to see students from his home country apply to STEM programs through ApplyBoard that he realized his true passion was to help enable access to education for students around the world. He knew that his unique insight into improving international education recruitment could help create a bright future and make a difference for countless international students.

Massi was named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 in 2019 in three categories: Education, Immigrants, and Big Money. In 2021, he and his brother Meti were recipients of the 2021 Premier’s Awards for College, which recognize the social and economic contributions Ontario’s college graduates have made to their communities, their province, and beyond.


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