Speaker Derrick Chow


Derrick Chow

Co-Founder & COO


Derrick brings a background in lean engineering, research and finance, and is most interested in applying his skills to business initiatives with a global impact. Prior to Marble, Derrick obtained his Masters in Aerospace Engineering, spent several years in sustainable aviation research, and led the first Canadian team to the International Space Settlement Design Competition. During this time, he also completed the first two levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst program and has an MBA. 

In 2015, after he went through the onerous experience of manually retrieving medical information for a sick family member, he became enthusiastic about applying his skills to healthcare innovation and joined forces with James Bateman to build Marble.

Today, Derrick is the COO/CFO and head of product for Marble’s B2B requester business, building a quality customer onboarding experience and scaling internal operations on medical record retrievals. He also manages the finance, HR and other supporting functions of the company. https://www.linkedin.com/in/derrick-chow-14aab837/

Speaking on: CIX TOP 10 GROWTH #2


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