Speaker Darren Perlman


Darren Perlman



An experienced entrepreneur and team leader, Darren has focused on growth through technology his entire career. He has been engaged in all aspects of HR and the operations of large organizations. In 2019 Darren co-founded Spotwork to solve a labour crisis he was witnessing firsthand as an employer of +450 frontline workers. Previously, Darren cut his teeth as Director of Operations of Jean Machine, a soft-goods retailer. In 2009, Darren started one of the very first clothing e-commerce stores in Canada and grew the store count from 26 to 35 under his leadership. In 2017, Darren led the sale of the company to Comark Services Inc, their larger competitor in the Canadian market. Darren has a BMOS in Finance from the University of Western Ontario.

Speaking on: CIX TOP 20 EARLY #3


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