TORONTO • November 1-2, 2022

CIX is Canada's largest startup curation program and investment conference.

The CIX Summit annually brings together founders and CEOs of Canada's most innovative early and growth-stage tech companies, global investors, corporates and industry advisors.

The 2022 CIX Summit will feature curated startup presentations, keynotes and panels with industry leading executives, as well as focused networking opportunities designed to foster new connections and provide forums for dialog. CIX’s ultimate goal is powering new deals.

From April to July we invite innovative startups, all stages, to apply to CIX Top 20 Early and CIX Top 10 Growth awards program. During August our esteemed Selection Committee will evaluate all, and the award winners will be announced in early September.

CIX is the 'must attend' event to connect with Canada's most promising startups


head shot of Cole Carouba
Pegasus Tech Ventures
SWC Ambassador
Cole Carouba
head shot of Dave Teare
Dave Teare
head shot of Ethan Choi
Ethan Choi
head shot of Meagan Simpson
Senior Editor
Meagan Simpson
head shot of Sarah Blair
Canada Department of National Defence
Outreach & Engagement Manager, IDEaS Program
Sarah Blair
head shot of Nik Rasskazovskiy
National Bank
Director, Technology and Innovation Banking
Nik Rasskazovskiy
head shot of Julia Wall
RBC Capital Partners
Julia Wall
head shot of Aditya Aggarwal
BDC Capital
Partner, Industrial Innovation Venture Fund
Aditya Aggarwal
head shot of Talia Abramowitz
Deloitte Ventures
Managing Partner
Talia Abramowitz
head shot of Ajay Gopal
Framework Venture Partners
Ajay Gopal
head shot of Taha Mubashir
Inovia Capital
Taha Mubashir
head shot of Tom Lowden
Silicon Valley Bank
VP, Technology Banking
Tom Lowden
head shot of Bryan Watson
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Bryan Watson
head shot of Colin Webster
RISC Capital
General Partner
Colin Webster
head shot of Jon Wolkin
Deloitte Ventures
Managing Director
Jon Wolkin
head shot of Neil Kenley
Vistara Growth
Director, Investments
Neil Kenley
head shot of Craig Strong
Round13 Capital
Craig Strong
head shot of Pelra Azondekon
Managing Director
Pelra Azondekon
head shot of Jack Fraser
BDC Capital
Partner, Growth Venture CI Fund
Jack Fraser
head shot of Aman Nabi
Information Venture Partners
Aman Nabi
head shot of Petar Zelic
National Bank Financial
Vice President
Petar Zelic
head shot of Alexander Norman
General Partner
Alexander Norman
head shot of James Povitz
NAventures (National Bank)
Principal, NAventures
James Povitz
head shot of Justin Dunnion
Verstra Ventures
Venture Capital Analyst
Justin Dunnion
head shot of Eric Kafka
Vertu Capital
Eric Kafka
head shot of Jeffrey MacDonald
Warburg Pincus LLC
Technology Investor
Jeffrey MacDonald
head shot of Sarah Hartkorn
Whitecap Venture Partners
Sarah Hartkorn
head shot of Patrick Conroy
H.I.G. Growth Partners
Managing Director
Patrick Conroy
head shot of Aaron Hoffman
Intact Ventures
Senior Associate
Aaron Hoffman
head shot of Jennifer Armstrong
Global Affairs Canada
Trade Commissioner for the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) Program
Jennifer Armstrong
head shot of Claudio Ramirez
Canadian Technology Accelerators
Manager of the Canadian Technology Accelerator in London, United Kingdom
Claudio Ramirez
head shot of Trevor  Bouchard Inc
CEO & President
Trevor Bouchard
head shot of Joseph Fung
Cofounder & CEO
Joseph Fung
head shot of Maxim Moreau
Cofounder & CTO
Maxim Moreau
head shot of Dr. Dan	 Rosen
d1g1t Inc.
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Dan Rosen
head shot of Rudy Mancini
Bloom Care Solutions
Chief Partnership Officer
Rudy Mancini
head shot of Vahe Akbarian
BMO Capital Markets
Investment Banking Director
Vahe Akbarian
head shot of Mike Montian
National Bank of Canada
Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Banking
Mike Montian
head shot of Senia Rapisarda
HarbourVest Partners (Canada) Ltd.
Managing Director
Senia Rapisarda
head shot of Kathryn Wortsman
Amplify Capital
Managing Partner
Kathryn Wortsman
head shot of Alexander Barclay
Graphite Ventures
Investor, Director of Data & Operations
Alexander Barclay
head shot of Emma Johnson
Klass Capital
Software Investor
Emma Johnson
head shot of Annick Charbonneau
Accelia Capital
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Annick Charbonneau
head shot of Neil Peet
GreenSky Capital
Neil Peet
head shot of Taku Murahwi
OMERS Ventures
Taku Murahwi
head shot of Raif Barbaros
Mistral Venture Partners
Raif Barbaros
head shot of Ludovic Andre
CIC Capital Ventures
Founder & Managing Director
Ludovic Andre
head shot of Danielle Smith
Silicon Valley Bank
Vice President, Technology Banking
Danielle Smith
head shot of Mark Smith
BDC Capital
Partner, Industrial Innovation Venture Fund
Mark Smith
head shot of Nayla Chebli
Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec
Investment Director, VC & Technologies
Nayla Chebli
head shot of Brandon Zhao
Two Small Fish Ventures
Brandon Zhao
head shot of Derrick Chow
Co-Founder & COO
Derrick Chow
head shot of Brenda Hogan
Venture Ontario
Chief Investment Officer
Brenda Hogan
head shot of Laura Lenz
OMERS Ventures
Laura Lenz
head shot of Layth Ashoo
Maverix Private Equity
Layth Ashoo
head shot of Jean-Simon Venne
BrainBox AI
Cofounder & CTO
Jean-Simon Venne
head shot of Mohannad El-Barachi
Cofounder & CEO
Mohannad El-Barachi
head shot of Marc Milewski
Zum Rails
Marc Milewski
head shot of Miles  Schwartz
Zum Rails
Miles Schwartz
head shot of Mathew Micheli
Viral Nation
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Mathew Micheli
head shot of Stephany Lapierre
Founder and CEO
Stephany Lapierre
head shot of Isabelle Hudon
Isabelle Hudon
head shot of Orest Pizyo
Managing Director, Technology Investment Banking
Orest Pizyo
head shot of Adam Rumanek
Aux Mode
Adam Rumanek
head shot of Rob Khazzam
Cofounder & CEO
Rob Khazzam
head shot of Blair Sherman
BDC Capital
Strategic Investments and Women in Tech
Blair Sherman
head shot of Mona Minhas
BDC Capital
Venture Partner, Thrive Venture Fund and Women in Technology Venture Fund
Mona Minhas
head shot of Dubie Cunningham
President, Banking Group
Dubie Cunningham
head shot of AK Jiwani
National SaaS Partnerships Manager
AK Jiwani
head shot of Michael Thibodeau
Azure Segment Lead SMB
Michael Thibodeau
head shot of Christopher Chen
Hong Kong Economic & Trade
Head of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong (Canada)
Christopher Chen
head shot of Nick Monardo
Growth Manager
Nick Monardo
head shot of Michael Bellows
Michael Bellows
head shot of Claudio Rojas
National Angel Capital Organization (NACO)
Claudio Rojas
head shot of Riccardo Badalone
Riccardo Badalone
head shot of John Marshall
Peregrine Precision Systems (PPS)
John Marshall
head shot of Alex Kjorven
Chief Product Officer
Alex Kjorven
head shot of Dominique Belanger
BDC Capital
Managing Partner, Growth Venture Co-Investment Fund
Dominique Belanger
head shot of Sarah Willson
Panache Ventures
Sarah Willson
head shot of Jonah Midanik
Forum Ventures
General Partner
Jonah Midanik
head shot of Irene S Yang
BASF Venture Capital Americas
Investment Principal
Irene S Yang
head shot of Amit Kapoor
Vistara Growth
Manager, Investments
Amit Kapoor
head shot of Chris Albinson
Chief Executive Officer & President
Chris Albinson
head shot of Alison Nankivell
BDC Capital
Senior Vice President, Fund Investments
Alison Nankivell
head shot of Massi Basiri
Co-Founder & President
Massi Basiri
head shot of David Wismer
BMO Capital Markets, Corp
Head, Global Technology Investment & Corporate Banking
David Wismer
head shot of John Baker
President & CEO
John Baker
head shot of Krista Jones
MaRS Discovery District
SVP Venture Services
Krista Jones
head shot of Amber Kanwar
BNN Business News Network
CIX MC and Anchor/Reporter
Amber Kanwar
head shot of Sheida Shahi
Adaptis Technologies Inc.
CEO, Co-Founder
Sheida Shahi
head shot of Amardeep Sibia
Drishya AI Labs Inc.
Founder & CEO
Amardeep Sibia
head shot of Fabian de la Fuente
Solaires Entreprises
Fabian de la Fuente
head shot of George Xereas
Stathera Inc.
George Xereas
head shot of Francois Gand
Founder & CEO
Francois Gand
head shot of Ian Pinnington
Arctern Ventures
Ian Pinnington
head shot of Graeme Millen
Silicon Valley Bank
Managing Director, Climate Tech & Sustainability (Canada)
Graeme Millen
head shot of Humera Malik
Canvass Analytics
Founder and CEO
Humera Malik
head shot of Mark Organ
Founder, CEO and Head Coach
Mark Organ
head shot of Matthew Leibowitz
Plaza Ventures
Co-Founder & Managing General Partner
Matthew Leibowitz
head shot of Josh Domingues
Founder and CEO
Josh Domingues
head shot of Marc-Antoine Caya
Co-Founder & CEO
Marc-Antoine Caya
head shot of Alex Leduc
Founder & CEO
Alex Leduc
head shot of Khushboo Jha
Founder & CEO
Khushboo Jha
head shot of Adam Rice
Asset Direct of Canada Inc.
Adam Rice
head shot of Sue Britton
Fathom4sight Inc.
Sue Britton
head shot of Steven Uster
Steven Uster
head shot of Joseph Buaron
Co-Founder and CTO
Joseph Buaron
head shot of Avinash Ambale Viswanath
Daara Nano BioSense
Avinash Ambale Viswanath
head shot of Mohamed Sheta
AiZtech Labs
Co-Founder & CEO
Mohamed Sheta
head shot of Maartje van der Sande
Circular Rubber Technologies Inc
CEO & Co-Founder
Maartje van der Sande
head shot of Helen	 Stevenson
Reformulary Group
Founder and CEO
Helen Stevenson
head shot of Ron Morrow
Bank of Canada
Executive Director – Retail Payments Supervision
Ron Morrow
head shot of Janet Qi
PurMinds NeuroPharma Inc.
Co-Founder & CEO
Janet Qi
head shot of Yishel Khan
DOT Mind Unlocked
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Yishel Khan
head shot of Tim Johnson
CEO & Co-Founder
Tim Johnson
head shot of Jayiesh Singh
Able Innovations
CEO / President
Jayiesh Singh
head shot of Daniyal Liaqat
CEO and Co-Founder
Daniyal Liaqat
head shot of Myron Mallia-Dare
Miller Thomson LLP
Myron Mallia-Dare
head shot of Eric-Aime Patry
Government of Canada
Manager of Outreach
Eric-Aime Patry
head shot of Tuyen Vo
National Bank of Canada
Head – Technology & Innovation Banking
Tuyen Vo
head shot of Zak Lefevre
Zak Lefevre
head shot of Laura McGee
Founder & CEO
Laura McGee
head shot of Inara Lalani
FemTherapeutics Inc.
Co-Founder & COO
Inara Lalani
head shot of Norm Cappell
Cofounder & Co-CEO
Norm Cappell
head shot of Karim Gillani
Luge Capital
Co-founder and General Partner
Karim Gillani
head shot of Michael Hyatt
Hyatt Family Office
Michael Hyatt
head shot of Ash Esmaeili
Co-Founder and CEO
Ash Esmaeili
head shot of Michelle McBane
StandUp Ventures
Managing Director
Michelle McBane
head shot of Laura Zizzo
Manifest Climate
Co-founder & CEO
Laura Zizzo
head shot of Ashleigh Kennedy
Neurovine Inc
CEO & Co-Founder
Ashleigh Kennedy
head shot of Patricia Thaine
Private AI
Cofounder & CEO
Patricia Thaine
head shot of Ramtin Attar
Promise Robotics
CEO & Co-Founder
Ramtin Attar
head shot of Braden Ream
Braden Ream
head shot of Angelo Casanas
Programs Manager
Angelo Casanas
head shot of Dave Simons
Head of Technology
Dave Simons
head shot of Scott Pelton
RiSC Capital
Scott Pelton
head shot of Raquel Urtasun
Founder & CEO
Raquel Urtasun
head shot of Justin Dharamdial
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Partner, Emerging and High Growth Companies
Justin Dharamdial
head shot of Michelle Scarborough
BDC Capital
Managing Partner, Thrive Venture Fund and Women in Technology Venture Fund
Michelle Scarborough
head shot of Michael Denham
National Bank of Canada
Vice Chairman, Commercial and Financial Markets
Michael Denham
head shot of Amélie Lemelin
Lotus Medical
Chief Financial Officer
Amélie Lemelin
head shot of Julie Anne Buckland
Lotus Medical
Chief Medical Officer
Julie Anne Buckland
head shot of Youssef Helwa
Co-founder & CEO
Youssef Helwa
head shot of Beth Rogozinski
Beth Rogozinski
head shot of Darren Perlman
Darren Perlman
head shot of Sam Yang
Xandar Kardian
Sam Yang
head shot of Daryl Johnston
Silicon Valley Bank
Managing Director, Technology Banking, Canada
Daryl Johnston
head shot of Bharat Srinivasa
Amplitude Ventures
Bharat Srinivasa
head shot of Théo Risopoulos
Theodorus Investment Funds
Théo Risopoulos
head shot of Lise Birikundavyi
BKR Capital
Managing Partner
Lise Birikundavyi
head shot of Ashish Mahashabde
Nanban Ventures
Ashish Mahashabde
head shot of Bonnie-Lyn de Bartok
The S-Factor
Founder & CEO
Bonnie-Lyn de Bartok
head shot of Ebenezer Arthur
Wangara Capital
Ebenezer Arthur

CIX By the Numbers










For 15 years, CIX's TOP is Canada's premier awards program that nationally evaluates and selects the most innovative EARLY and GROWTH-stage startups from coast to coast, all tech, all stages, who will present at CIX on November 1-2. This year over 18% more companies applied, a new record, and even better, 38.52% are female led!

The companies that I met through CIX are consistently the highest quality of any source of early stage companies I have engaged from many sources in my 21 years as an investment professional. The on-line break-out rooms for one-on-one 7 minute meetings were very well arranged. All entrepreneurs were on time and on topic. I was pleased to schedule longer, private conversations with a few of them.

Bryan Emerson

Starlight Capital, Inc.

CIX does a fantastic job of bringing great tech companies and investors together. Deals get done at CIX.

Brenda Hogan

Chief Investment Officer
Ontario Capital Growth Corporation

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