Speaker Luma Al Adnani

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Luma Al Adnani

CEO and Co-Founder

Adam Wa Mishmish

Luma Al Adnani is the CEO and co-founder of Adam Wa Mishmish, a musical cartoon program that creates interactive content to make learning Arabic fun and easy for kids, parents and teachers.

She began her career in journalism graduating with an MA in international Journalism from Brunel University in London. She worked at newspapers, and news programs in London, and was a radio host and program director at a radio station in Amman, Jordan. She shifted gears to work with her family business for a few years as general manager and marketing director at an investment group that ran spas and distributed cosmetics but quickly. However, she quickly realized her passions lay elsewhere.

When Luma had her son in 2014, she struggled to find Arabic content that would both educate and entertain him. Most platforms were heavily saturated in English content with little to no good quality content in Arabic. Her frustrations grew when most of her son’s first words were in the English language. With a background music, having learned piano for most of her young life, she along with her husband who was a composer, and her sister, who was an accomplished singer, and their partner Lutfi, who was an amazing illustrator, decided to create their own cartoon brand and original songs that would capture the interest of children around the world. Today Adam Wa Mishmish has 20 million views on it’s YouTube channel, is streamed on multiple channels and watched in over 50 countries around the world.



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