Speaker Scott McKay

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Scott McKay

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

KJSM Ventures

Scott is the co-founder and managing director of KJSM Ventures. The company has over a ten year track record of investing with early stage private venture opportunities and within public markets. KJSM Ventures invests alongside businesses within the AI, cybersecurity, health tech, fintech and consumer app & product sectors. The company also focuses on working with unique tech and special opportunity startups to provide them private financing exposure and business advisory. Scott has also co-founded Bulldog Capital Properties, a private commercial real estate asset management-based business. Prior to his experience within the tech industry, Scott has extensive experience investing in the energy and real estate sectors within Canada and US.  

Scott is an active board member, with a focus on working with tech and unique startup companies. He holds a BBA and Masters of Science in Finance, and resides in Calgary with his wife and son.

Speaking on: CIX TOP 20 EARLY SHOWCASE # 4


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