Speaker Ha Nguyen

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Ha Nguyen

Vice President

McRock Capital

Ha believes that it is a privilege to work with founders of all kinds. As a venture capitalist, she hears entrepreneurs share their dreams and businesses in a very personal way. To her, this often means that her role comes with the responsibility of hearing stories intently and helping translate dreams into reality.

She developed a passion for technology and early stage investing through her work with IDG Ventures and MAJ Invest in Vietnam, where she immersed herself in helping companies grow, and engaged with entrepreneurs from the consumer to enterprise technology sectors. Through her international VC experience, Ha brings unique perspectives and deep global connections.

The IoT space is meaningful for Ha, because of her vision in connecting the physical and digital worlds. She is excited to have a front-row seat to the change unfolding in the industrial world and enjoys working with companies that have a resilient sense of mission and the creativity to navigate through unprecedented business challenges.

Ha received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Foreign Trade University in Vietnam and holds a Master of Science degree in Finance and Investment from Aston Business School in the UK.

Speaking on: CIX TOP 20 EARLY SHOWCASE # 2


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