Speaker Kamran Khan

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Kamran Khan

Founder & CEO


Dr. Kamran Khan is an infectious disease physician-scientist and a Professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto. Motivated by his experiences as a frontline healthcare worker during the 2003 Toronto SARS outbreak, Dr. Khan has been studying outbreaks of emerging and reemerging diseases for more than a decade to lay the scientific foundation for a global early warning system for infectious diseases. To translate and disseminate scientific knowledge into timely action, Dr. Khan founded BlueDot in 2013, a digital health company that combines human and artificial intelligence to help governments protect their citizens, hospitals protect their staff and patients, and businesses protect their employees and customers from dangerous infectious diseases. Dr. Khan recently received a Governor General’s Award for his work transcending clinical medicine, public health, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Speaking on: CIX TOP 10 GROWTH SHOWCASE # 2


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