Speaker Adam Reeds

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Adam Reeds

Co-Founder & CEO

Ledn Inc.

Adam Reeds is the Co-Founder & CEO of Ledn, a global company based in Canada focused on building financial products that help people save in bitcoin. Prior to co-founding Ledn, Adam spent ten years at Dream Asset Management developing, building and financing a $1.5 billion portfolio of renewable power projects. It was bitcoin's connection with energy that brought Adam into bitcoin mining where he and his co-founder identified a gap in financing digital assets. Today, Ledn is a broad financial services platform with clients in over 127 countries. Adam is a graduate of the HBA program at the Richard Ivey School of Business and also holds a Bachelor of Engineering Science from the University of Western Ontario.adam@ledn.io

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-reeds-ledn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamreeds

Website: https://www.ledn.io/

Speaking on: CIX TOP 10 GROWTH SHOWCASE # 1


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