Meeting Exchanges

For early and growth-stage companies only:

Meeting Exchanges are CIX’s popular one-on-one, pre-arranged video meetings between entrepreneurs and leading investors. These 7-minute virtual video meetings are a valuable opportunity for advice, building a relationship and potential funding/partnership.

Registered founders and CEOs pre-book their meetings through CIXchange from October 4th to October 21st. Please note, space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Four Meeting Exchange spots can be reserved in advance plus startups may join virtual waiting rooms during CIX to meet with additional available investors. Please be on time and if you cannot make it, please cancel so another company can reserve. Please read investors ‘Invests In’ carefully to determine if you meet their investment criteria.

2021 Meeting Exchange Hosts:

  • Amplify Capital
  • BDC Capital
  • Fastbreak Ventures
  • First Ascent Ventures
  • Framework Venture Partners
  • Golden Ventures
  • Gravitas Securities
  • If Capital
  • Inovia Capital
  • Klass Capital
  • MaRS IAF
  • Maverix Private Equity
  • Muskoka 4.0 Startup Competition
  • National Bank
  • Old Kent Road Financial
  • Ontario Capital Growth Corporation
  • Panache Ventures
  • Plaza Ventures
  • Radical Ventures
  • Real Ventures
  • Relay Ventures
  • Revolution Growth
  • Rhino Ventures
  • Round13 Capital
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • Starlight Capital
  • Summit Partners
  • TCV
  • TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good
  • Telus Ventures
  • TIMIA Capital
  • Trust Ventures
  • Two Small Fish Ventures
  • Vanedge
  • Verstra Ventures
  • Vertu Capital
  • White Star Capital
  • Whitecap Venture Partners


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