Advisory Board

Giselle Melo

General Partner
Matr Ventures

The VC system is methodically designed to result in a particular outcome. Understanding the industry as it exists today, I’m relentlessly committed to helping underestimated founders grasp the rules of the game while simultaneously creating structures to tip the scales in our favor.

Matr, will invest up to $1 million in underestimated founders - and return above-market gains to its LPs (investors). Giselle is the Founder and General Partner at Matr Ventures, where venture capital is done differently. Based on hip hop principles and the philosophy that the Culture drives technology, not the other way around, Matr is proving that it takes a village to propel underestimated founders and support them in winning at all costs.

Infatuated with market systems and how money moves, Giselle has more than 15 years of success in wealth management, investment banking, and technology. She is highly sought after for her expertise in building complex technologies and buying and selling companies, enabling her to provide unique insight into building assets of value. As former Partner and the Head of Investment Banking for Toren & Associates, between 2017-2021, she facilitated buy and sell transactions for money managers, banks, wealth management firms, and family offices, completing transactions totalling over $5 billion in assets under management. From her work, she became known as, “the girl who moves money.”

She is also the Co-founder and CEO of NicheeStudio, a software development corporation. Leading a team of over 20 software developers, the company builds web-based applications, machine learning systems, enterprise software, and mobile experiences for venture-backed companies.

She believes technology is a powerful equalizer for underestimated communities to build generational wealth. With a passion for connecting with investors and advisors who are ready to help propel like-minded founders to success, she is excited to create solutions to drive economic empowerment for Black, Indigenous, and POC communities.


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