Speaker Chris Albinson

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BreakawayGrowth Fund

Chief Executive Officer & President
Chris Albinson

Albinson is Co-Founder & Managing Director of BreakawayGrowth Fund.  We look for founders with a capital-efficient mindset who will achieve more with less. This matters. Our focus is on early-stage companies in North America. We are happy to partner with founders early and be the first investor or invest as part of a larger syndicate in pre-seed, seed, Series A & B rounds.

Our partners have been early investors in companies that have created $45bn+ in value including Pinterest, Docusign, MongoDB, Newbridge Networks & Juniper Networks. We invested $1.06B & returned $4.25B, 3.8X over 26 years working with 68 amazing founders & companies. We are based in San Francisco. Chris J Albinson is the co-founder of BreakawayGrowth Fund, the C100, MIE, FCC, and Panorama Capital.  

Prior exits include Pinterest (IPO NASDQ: PINS), DocuSign (IPO NASDQ: DOCU), Ticketfly (acquired by NASDQ: Pandora), Elemental Technology (Acquired by NASDAQ: Amazon), Good Technology (Acquired by NASDQ: Blackberry), PasswordBox (Acquired by NASDQ: Intel), and Juniper (IPO NASDQ: JNPR).

Chris is currently on the board Board of Senso.ai, GameClub, HarperWilde, SignalWire, Gentreo, CareerList, Pinterest, Turo, Stance, 33Across, and an angel investor in Uberflip, People.AI, Lovepop, and 7 stealth companies.  He is a mentor and/or advisor for TechStars, Garage Capital, SAAS North, CIX - Canadian Innovation Exchange Top 20 and TiEcon 2020.

Previously, Chris was a General Partner at JP Morgan Partners ($6.5B AUM private equity firm). General Partner & Founder of FCC ($412M AUM secondary fund). Chris also helped grow four startups, most recently as Chief Strategy Officer for Digital Island (NASDAQ: ISLD; acquired by Cable & Wireless in 2001) and Newbridge Networks (NYSE: NN).

Speaking at: CIX Top 20 Early Showcase #3


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