Speaker Kurtis McBride

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Co-Founder and CEO
Kurtis McBride

Understanding traffic is fundamental to managing the evolution of our cities. But, when Kurtis McBride looked at how cities were measuring traffic, he saw methods that hadn’t changed in decades – people with clipboards counting cars. He co-founded Miovision in 2005, a fast-growing Kitchener-based company using computer vision, artificial intelligence and advanced modelling to help cities modernize their approach to managing traffic to make roads more efficient and safer.

Kurtis is a serial entrepreneur. While building Miovision, he quickly recognized that fast-growing, innovative companies needed better tools to help them scale their scrappy startup culture. He co-founded Meddo to commercialize the organizational software tools developed to help Miovision scale
As Miovision continued to grow, it needed a larger space. Employees wanted something close to downtown, near trails, transit and parking. When a suitable space wasn’t available, Kurtis co-founded Catalyst137, developing a former tire warehouse into a 475,000 square foot space that brings together innovative companies – including Miovision – and the services they need to grow.

Kurtis is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, where he received his Bachelor of Engineering in Systems Design in 2004, and Master of Engineering in Systems Design in 2007.

Speaking at: CIX 2020 Innovator of the Year Presentation and Keynote


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