Meeting Exchanges #B with Early Stage Investors

CIX - Wednesday, October 16, 2019
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
York A/B

Meeting Exchanges are CIX’s popular one-on-one, pre-arranged meetings between entrepreneurs and leading early stage funders/advisors/corporates from Canada and globally. These 10-minute meetings are a valuable opportunity for advice, building a relationship and potential funding/partnership. Book your meetings through CIXchange from October 2nd to October 14th. Please note, space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. A total of three Meeting Exchange spots can be reserved in advance. A total of three (3) Meeting Exchange spots can be reserved in advance.


Andrew Abouchar
Chief Credit Officer
TIMIA Capital
B2B SaaS, Revenues $2-10M in ARR, Canada & United States

Raghu Bharat
CIC Capital Ventures
Series A and above, ICT, all Canada

Matthew Bressler
TDF Ventures
Series A or late seed, Toronto/Waterloo, subject matter = machine learning, B2B SaaS, cybersecurity, data.

Shayn Diamond
Whitecap Venture Partners
Early stage software companies

Winston Fu
LDV Partners
Applications of AI, Bioengineering, New Media, Sustainability

Eric In
Director of Investments
CIC Capital Ventures
Pre Series A, Series A and Series B, Digital (ICT, fintech, digital health…), Medical device (post FDA approval), proven product market fit, investment $500k to $7m , all of Canada

Ricky Lai
Senior Associate
Portag3 Ventures
Early stage (Seed/A/B), Fintech, Global

Christian Lassonde
Founder & Managing Partner
Impression Ventures
Fintech only

Nicole LeBlanc
Director, Investments

IoT, mobility, energy, construction tech, proptech

Michelle McBane
Managing Director
MaRS IAF (Investment Accelerator Fund)
Seed stage, IT, health and cleantech

Ankur Saxena
Investment Manager
Cisco Investments
Stage: Post-Seed with some revenue traction; Verticals: SaaS, IT, AI, IoT, robotics, big data; Region: Global

Karl Schabas
Managing Director
Verstra Ventures
Early stage, software targeting a specific industry, North America

Blair Sherman
Strategic Investments and Women in Tech
BDC Capital

Ramin Wright
Investment Associate
Luge Capital
Early stage fintech companies headquartered in Canada and the USA


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