Speaker Prem Ramaswami

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Sidewalk Labs

Head of Product
Prem Ramaswami

Prem Ramaswami is Head of Product at Sidewalk Labs where he focuses on using digital technology to radically improve the quality of urban life. He leads a team of Product Managers and Designers working at the intersection of urban policy and technology to build the city of the future.

Previously, Prem led efforts in Google Search Social Impact projects in the domains of Health, Civics, Education, Arts & Culture, Crisis Response, and Social Good. He has previously launched health information in the Knowledge Graph, Symptom Search, and founded the team that brought Deep Learning to patient care. Previously, he worked on Google Checkout and launched Google Checkout for non-profits and political contributions. He also launched the Internet Bus Project in India, worked on Google’s Network Infrastructure team launching Google Public DNS, and founded Google.org’s Crisis Response team.

Prem graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in Computer & Biomedical Engineering (‘04). He also has an MBA from Harvard Business School (‘13), where he developed and taught an introductory course on Product Management, which he also taught at Stanford University. He also completed an executive medical training at Harvard Medical School. Prem has two beautiful kids, a wonderful wife, and loves watching TV.


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