Speaker Corey Gross

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Sensibill Inc.

Founder and CEO
Corey Gross

Corey is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the world of payments, digital banking, and receipts. He is the founder and CEO of Sensibill, a receipt management and data services provider to financial institutions globally. As CEO, Corey oversees management, strategic direction, and investor relations for the company. To date, Sensibill has raised over $61 million in financing, including a $42 million Series B round in July 2019.

Corey founded Sensibill with Jamie Alexander in 2013, with the vision of working with banks to provide cutting-edge financial products. Corey was party to some of the industry’s first partnerships between a startup and retail banking organizations. Today, Sensibill is known as a company that excels at working with sophisticated enterprises like financial institutions.

Over the past six years, Corey has built partnerships with the most trusted financial institutions around the world, as well as some of the largest providers of financial services technology. Sensibill is the No.1 provider of white-labeled SaaS receipt management solutions for mobile banking apps. The solution empowers small businesses and self employed professionals around the world to manage paper and digital receipts, streamline their tax season, and save time and money on tax preparation.


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