Speaker Patrick Kiely

Island Water Technologies

Patrick Kiely

Patrick Kiely is the founder of Island Water Technologies (IWT), an organization that prides itself on being a catalyst for water technology innovation by identifying and validating next generation solutions at the intersection of renewable energy and wastewater treatment. Under his guidance, the team at IWT have developed unique processes for reducing resources required to take complex technologies from bench to market by incorporating key aspects of business development, IP landscaping, economic / technology modelling and bench to pilot prototyping. He has developed water / wastewater solutions for a variety of public partners including: NASA, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), United States Army, and the Canadian Military. His industry research has lead to the commercialization of new wastewater treatment solutions for various industries (winery, brewery, aquaculture) and in domestic wastewater treatment. Through IWT the team have delivered cutting edge wastewater solutions to partners in China, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. With the SENTRY water sensor platform, the team at IWT have developed a unique and disruptive solution for real-time monitoring of microbial activity. The bio-electrode sensor combines bacterial biofilm and conductive surfaces, displaying in real-time the microbial health and wastewater quality information for operators of water and wastewater systems. SENTRY technology converts biological microbial activity into real-time digital signals and will be central to current and future advances in smart operations.  

Speaking at: CIX Top 20 Live Showcase #4


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