Speaker Tony Chahine

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Tony Chahine

Tony Chahine is the president and founder of Myant Inc, the world’s first end-to-end Textile Computing company based in Toronto, Canada.

Myant embeds technology into textile to create a ubiquitous platform for human-computer interaction that, thanks to its bidirectional capabilities, enables better health and wellness through data collection, analysis and personalized feedback. In so doing, Myant is leading the development of Industry 5.0 and the union of humans and machines.  An entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems, Tony holds an unwavering belief that everyone should have the right to participate in our connected world. Myant was created with this goal in mind.

With a background in electrical engineering, Tony came to Canada in 1990 and quickly saw an opportunity to upset traditional electronics markets with new products and business strategies. In 1992, Tony founded Battery Plus, and in so doing was the first to bring innovative battery technologies to the North American market. Tony grew Battery Plus into a national chain with over 100 stores. He next put his mark on the retail sector, including the acquisition of Cotton Ginny where he refocused the company’s efforts on organic materials and environmental sustainability. 

The creation of Myant builds on those two decades of experience in electronics and material science, and aims to connect the human operating system to the world around us. Myant is making this a reality with an interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, technicians, fashion designers and strategists. For more information, visit www.myant.ca


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