Speaker Katherine Homuth

Sheerly Genius

Founder and CEO
Katherine Homuth

Katherine Homuth (Hague) is the Founder and CEO of Y Combinator backed Sheerly Genius, the world's first pair of indestructible sheer tights. She is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Katherine's first venture backed startup, ShopLocket, was acquired in 2014 by global manufacturing and design company PCH. Following ShopLocket's success Katherine went on to become an active angel investor. To help support other women getting into startup investing Katherine founded Female Funders an online education platform which was acquired by Highline Beta in 2017. She has been named one of the Women to Watch in Wearables, one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women and one of Flare’s Sixty Under 30.

Speaking at: Founders with Money: Real Talk with Entrepreneurs-Turned-Angel-Investors


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