Speaker Dr. Karen Katchen

Katchen Consulting

Psychologist and Executive Coach
Dr. Karen Katchen

Dr. Katchen’s experience includes Consulting and Executive Coaching to top tier Managers and Founders whom have sought her guidance and counsel. 

She has a strong interest in one-on-one Executive Coaching in the FinTech and Technology areas. 

Dr. Katchen is an active participant in the Technology Sector’s #MoveTheDial” initiative, working directly with Women CEOs, Founders, Board Members and Employees in the Technology Sector where women have been isolated and under-represented. 

Dr. Katchen's background and experience as a Psychologist brings a diverse set of skills, techniques and depth of perspective to any individual consultation. Dr. Katchen uses evidence based-therapeutic approaches which are uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual. These include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, focused behavioral strategies to identify and modify emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors which may be interfering with daily life, personal goals, balance and well-being. 

Speaking at: Startups and Mental Health: Shining a Light


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