Speaker Lisa Chang


Head of People and Culture
Lisa Chang

Lisa Chang is the Head of People & Culture at Uberflip. She's built teams in various hyper growth environments within the technology sector, with a focus on developing strategies that effectively scale team growth, while cultivating a vibrant, self-sustaining company culture.

As an HR and talent professional, she has a wide range of experience in talent acquisition and HR management, with substantial contributions made in changing the way HR works in her previous posts at Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Blackberry.

Lisa tackles hiring, engagement, and employee retention from many different avenues, incorporating both traditional as well as digital recruitment methods and tactics. She has built out university and recent graduate recruitment programs, employee engagement programs, training and development initiatives, and retention strategies.

With culture top-of-mind and an employee-first mentality, she’s a leader that continuously strives to set teams up for success and coach individuals towards personal advancement and professional development. Talent Matchmaker, Happiness Advocate, and HR Warrior – Lisa helps organizations realize their true potential.

Speaking at: Scaling: Building a Culture That Attracts Top Talent


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