Speaker Wendy MacKinnon Keith

Digital Retail Apps

CEO and Founder
Wendy MacKinnon Keith

Wendy MacKinnon Keith, Founder of Digital Retail Apps is an expert in retail mobile disruption, consumer behavior, channel partnerships and strategy. She spent 20 years as an international consultant with Fortune 100 companies and executives in retail and consumer technologies such as IBM, Ameritech, Nokia and Safeway. It was this expertise that led Wendy to create and patent Digital Retail Apps’ SelfPay mobile self-checkout solution. Wendy is a recognized thought leader in payments and mobile commerce, and a frequent speaker and panelist at conferences including CES, SXSW, Card Not Present, Card Forum, Payments Panorama, and Cardware. Wendy has an Ivey MBA, was featured as a leading expert in the Synchrony Financial Future of Retail report and was named Innovation Star of the Week by Bloomberg North.

Speaking at: CIX Top 20 Live Showcase #4


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