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Meeting Exchanges #D with Early Stage Investors

CIX - Thursday, October 17, 2019
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
York A/B

Meeting Exchanges are CIX’s popular one-on-one, pre-arranged meetings between entrepreneurs and leading early stage funders/advisors/corporates from Canada andacross the globe. These 10-minute meetings are a valuable opportunity for advice, building relationships as well as potential funding/partnerships. Book your meetings through CIXchange from October 2nd to 14th. Please note, space is limited and only available on a first-come, first-served basis. A total of three Meeting Exchange time-slots can be reserved in advance.


Ian Carnevale
VP Growth Ops
Highline BETA

Greg Fields
Managing Director
Myplanet Ventures
Early (Seed/Series A); Vertical - Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Reality, Conversational Service Design, Conversational Control Layer; Region - North America

Zachary Friedman
Investor - Structured Capital
Level Equity
Growth stage (near or greater than $5 million ARR), geographic agnostic, software / recurring revenue, bootstrapped or sponsor-backed

Karim Gillani
Co-founder and General Partner
Luge Capital
Fintech startups in Canada and the USA, including AI solutions applied to financial services developed by early-stage companies based in Canada and the USA

Brooke Jutzi
VP, Finance
TIMIA Capital
B2B SaaS, Revenues $2-20M in ARR, Canada & United States

Dani Lipkin
Innovation Sector Head, Capital Formation
The Toronto Stock Exchange Inc.
Early stage

David Looi
Sr Director, Technology and Innovation Banking
National Bank of Canada

Alan MacIntosh
General Partner
Real Ventures
Early stage, pan-Canadian, healthcare, telcom, neurotech

Ray Newal
Managing Director
Techstars India
Saas, Emerging Markets, AI, Logistics

Russell Samuels
Whitecap Venture Partners
Early stage/series A

Matt Saunders
Ryerson Futures Inc./Zone Startups

Sunil Sharma
Managing Partner, Toronto Accelerator
SaaS, Fintech, AI, IoT, Consumer, Enterprise, Smart Cities, VR/gaming, govtech

Kutral Veerabadran
Flow Capital Corp.
Rev target $1M-$35M Seed-Series B, Canada, US, UK

Sharon Zohar
The Big Push
Early stage, women-led, all sectors, all Canada


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