OCTOBER 16 - 17, 2019
CIX is Canada's largest curated startup investment conference. Invited attendees are founders of Canada's most innovative early and growth-stage tech companies and global investors and corporates.

CIX is the 'must attend' event to connect with Canada's most promising startups.


VP, C-level
2016 STATS


head shot of Tara	 Deschamps
Tara Deschamps
Tara Deschamps
head shot of Peter Suma
Applied Brain Research Inc.
Chairman & Co-CEO
Peter Suma
head shot of Tim Rice
The Rounds
Tim Rice
head shot of Crystal Trevors
Stepscan Technologies Inc.
Crystal Trevors
head shot of Colin Deacon
Senate of Canada
Colin Deacon
head shot of Kirk Simpson
Co-Founder & CEO
Kirk Simpson
head shot of Matthew Bressler
TDF Ventures
Matthew Bressler
head shot of Alison Nankivell
BDC Capital
Senior Vice President, Fund Investments
Alison Nankivell
head shot of Will	 Fung
Samsung Catalyst Fund
Investment Manager
Will Fung
head shot of Hitesh Saijpal
Cisco Investments
Global Head of Portfolio Development
Hitesh Saijpal
head shot of Kesem Frank
Mavennet Systems Inc.
Kesem Frank
head shot of Bram Sugarman
Director of Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships
Bram Sugarman
head shot of Aly Dhalla
Finaeo Inc.
CEO and Co-Founder
Aly Dhalla
head shot of Steve Boms
Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA) of North America
Executive Director
Steve Boms
head shot of Cynthia	 Rudge
Director, Open Banking
Cynthia Rudge
head shot of Dan	 Mathers
President and CEO
Dan Mathers
head shot of Yvan	 Boisjoli
Bold Commerce
Co-founder and CEO
Yvan Boisjoli
head shot of Dr. Monica	 Holboke
CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Monica Holboke
head shot of Corey Gross
Sensibill Inc.
Founder and CEO
Corey Gross
head shot of Amber Kanwar
BNN Business News Network
CIX MC and Anchor/Reporter
Amber Kanwar
head shot of Marcel LeBrun
Real Ventures
Venture Partner
Marcel LeBrun
head shot of Darrell	 Heaps
Q4 Inc.
Founder & CEO
Darrell Heaps
head shot of Yishay	 Waxman
Platterz Inc
Co-founder & President
Yishay Waxman
head shot of David Ossip
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
David Ossip
head shot of Rene Yang Stewart
Vista Equity Partners
Co-Head, Vista Endeavor Fund
Rene Yang Stewart
head shot of Margaret Wu
Georgian Partners
Lead Investor
Margaret Wu
head shot of Darren Gallop
Darren Gallop
head shot of Eran	 Henig
Platterz Inc
Co-founder & CEO
Eran Henig
head shot of Hossein	 Rahnama
Founder and CEO
Hossein Rahnama
head shot of Marianne	 Bulger
CEO & Co-founder
Marianne Bulger
head shot of Tammy	 Connelly
Sr. Talent Acquisition Lead
Tammy Connelly
head shot of Ashira	 Gobrin
SVP, People and Culture
Ashira Gobrin
head shot of Laurence	 Cooke
Nanopay Corporation
CEO and Founder
Laurence Cooke
head shot of Alan Wunsche
CEO and Co-Founder
Alan Wunsche
head shot of Helen	 Stevenson
Reformulary Group
Founder and CEO
Helen Stevenson
head shot of Marie Chevrier
Founder and CEO
Marie Chevrier
head shot of Katherine Homuth
Founder and CEO
Katherine Homuth
head shot of Dr Tyler Wish
Dr Tyler Wish
head shot of Dr. Linda Maxwell
The Biomedical Zone
Surgeon, Founding and Executive Director
Dr. Linda Maxwell
head shot of Dr. Allan Miranda
JLABS Canada
Head of JLABS Canada
Dr. Allan Miranda
head shot of Pamela Snively
VP, Chief Data & Trust Officer
Pamela Snively
head shot of Ray Reddy
Co-Founder & CEO
Ray Reddy
head shot of Kevin Climans
Klass Capital
Software Investor
Kevin Climans
head shot of Lisa Melchior
VERTU Capital
Founder & Managing Partner
Lisa Melchior
head shot of David Kroetsch
Aeryon Labs
David Kroetsch
head shot of Irfan	 Daya
National Bank of Canada
Managing Director, Central & Western Canada, Technology and Innovation Banking
Irfan Daya
head shot of Kerry Liu
Executive Vice President, Product Management & Innovation
Kerry Liu
head shot of Erica Pearson
Vacation Fund
Co-Founder & CEO
Erica Pearson
head shot of Harinder	 Takhar
Paytm Labs
Harinder Takhar
head shot of Shane Parkhill
General Manager, Canada
Shane Parkhill
head shot of Matt Saunders
Ryerson Futures Inc./Zone Startups
Matt Saunders
head shot of Jake Cassaday
Relay Ventures
Jake Cassaday
head shot of Tyson Baber
Georgian Partners
Lead Investor
Tyson Baber
head shot of Daniel Eberhard
Koho Financial
Daniel Eberhard
head shot of Ryan Groom
Kognitiv Spark
Co-Founder and CTO
Ryan Groom
head shot of Gabrielle Masone
Coloursmith Labs Inc
Gabrielle Masone
head shot of Carol Leaman
Carol Leaman
head shot of Karim Gillani
Luge Capital
Co-founder and General Partner
Karim Gillani
head shot of Prem	 Ramaswami
Sidewalk Labs
Head of Product
Prem Ramaswami
head shot of Jack Warning
Pegasus Tech Ventures
Jack Warning
head shot of Jérôme Nycz
BDC Capital
Executive Vice President
Jérôme Nycz
head shot of Alexandra Greenhill
Careteam Technologies
Founder, CEO and Chief Medical Officer
Alexandra Greenhill
head shot of Dominique Belanger
BDC Capital
Managing Partner, Growth Venture Co-Investment Fund
Dominique Belanger
head shot of Matthew Leibowitz
Plaza Ventures
Co-Founder & Managing General Partner
Matthew Leibowitz
head shot of Mathieu Provost
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
Senior Director
Mathieu Provost
head shot of Amy Rae
Vanedge Capital
Amy Rae
head shot of Lally Rementilla
Lally Rementilla
head shot of Jane Podbelskaya
Georgian Partners
Senior Associate
Jane Podbelskaya
head shot of Nicole LeBlanc
Nicole LeBlanc
head shot of Cory Michalyshyn
Celtic House Venture Partners
Cory Michalyshyn
head shot of Kutral Veerabadran
Flow Capital Corp.
Kutral Veerabadran
head shot of Ian Carnevale
Highline BETA
VP Growth Ops
Ian Carnevale
head shot of Michael Hyatt
BlueCat Networks Inc.
Michael Hyatt
head shot of Russell Samuels
Whitecap Venture Partners
Russell Samuels
head shot of Aram Melkoumov
Co-Founder & CEO
Aram Melkoumov
head shot of Dr. Chenxi	 Wang
Rain Capital
Founder & General Partner
Dr. Chenxi Wang
head shot of Pamela	 Hilborn
Scotiabank Digital Factory
SVP, Global Head of Design
Pamela Hilborn
head shot of Laila Paszti
Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP
Of Counsel
Laila Paszti
head shot of Jeff Wandzura
Chief Growth Officer
Jeff Wandzura
head shot of Sarah Efron
The Globe and Mail
Editor, Writer, Producer
Sarah Efron
head shot of Sue Britton
Fintech Growth Syndicate
CEO & Founder
Sue Britton
head shot of Keren Moynihan
Boss Insights
Keren Moynihan
head shot of Rob Rosen
CIBC Innovation Banking
Managing Director
Rob Rosen
head shot of Christian Lassonde
Impression Ventures
Founder & Managing Partner
Christian Lassonde
head shot of Ben Van Zuylen
Export Development Canada
Senior Associate
Ben Van Zuylen
head shot of Brenda Irwin
Relentless Pursuit Partners Inc
Managing Partner
Brenda Irwin
head shot of Ray	 Newal
Techstars India
Managing Director
Ray Newal
head shot of Sophie Forest
Brightspark Ventures
Sophie Forest
head shot of Jim	 Orlando
Wittington Ventures
Managing Partner
Jim Orlando
head shot of Peggy Van De Plassche
Roar Ventures
Managing Partner
Peggy Van De Plassche
head shot of Dani Lipkin
The Toronto Stock Exchange Inc.
Managing Director
Dani Lipkin
head shot of Colin	 Ryan
National Bank
Co-Head & Managing Director Technology, Media, Telecom & Healthcare Investment Banking
Colin Ryan
head shot of Ricky Lai
Portag3 Ventures
Senior Associate
Ricky Lai
head shot of Zachary Friedman
Level Equity
Investor - Structured Capital
Zachary Friedman
head shot of Kristine	 Di Bacco
Torys LLP
Kristine Di Bacco
head shot of Rachel	 Jacobson
Vice President, People
Rachel Jacobson
head shot of Brooke Jutzi
TIMIA Capital
VP, Finance
Brooke Jutzi
head shot of Ian	 MacDonald
AVP, CXO Data and Analytics
Ian MacDonald
head shot of Richard van der Put
Founder and CEO
Richard van der Put
head shot of Tuyen Vo
National Bank of Canada
Head – Technology & Innovation Banking
Tuyen Vo
head shot of Katie Greenberg
Scotiabank Digital Factory
VP, Digital Product Management
Katie Greenberg
head shot of Jasmin Ganie-Hobbs
BDC Capital
Director Tech Financing
Jasmin Ganie-Hobbs
head shot of Vanessa Grant
Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP
Vanessa Grant
head shot of Daniel Arsenault
Global Affairs Canada
Deputy Director
Daniel Arsenault
head shot of Michelle Beyo
Michelle Beyo
head shot of Bruce Croxon
Round13 Capital
Managing Partner
Bruce Croxon
head shot of Graeme Moffat
Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs and Co-Founder
Graeme Moffat
head shot of Neil	 Desai
Magnet Forensics
Senior Fellow with the Munk School of Global Affairs and Vice President
Neil Desai
head shot of Amy	 Molyneux
Amy Molyneux
head shot of Mark MacLeod
SurePath Capital Partners
Mark MacLeod
head shot of Meagan Simpson
Senior Editor
Meagan Simpson
head shot of Probal Lala
Probal Lala
head shot of Seema	 Lakhani
Chief Product Officer and GM of Labs
Seema Lakhani
head shot of Anna Chif
Dialogue Technologies
Co-Founder, CS and PO
Anna Chif
head shot of Ankur Saxena
Cisco Investments
Investment Manager
Ankur Saxena
head shot of Patrick Conroy
Revolution Growth
Vice President
Patrick Conroy
head shot of Len Ferrington
Summit Partners
Managing Director
Len Ferrington
head shot of Alexander McIsaac
BDC Capital
Principal, Strategic Investments and Women in Technology Venture Fund
Alexander McIsaac
head shot of Alex Baker
Relay Ventures
Managing Partner
Alex Baker
head shot of Bob Nye
JMI Equity
General Partner
Bob Nye
head shot of Andrew	 Lindner
Frontier Capital
Managing Partner
Andrew Lindner
head shot of Azar Azad
CEO & Co-Founder
Azar Azad
head shot of Morgan Rosenberg
Morgan Rosenberg
head shot of Marina Massingham
Aifred Health
Marina Massingham
head shot of Ivan Tsarynny
CEO and Co-founder
Ivan Tsarynny
head shot of Noah Shipman
Vistara Capital Partners
Noah Shipman
head shot of David Wismer
BMO Capital Markets, Corp
Head, Global Technology Investment & Corporate Banking
David Wismer
head shot of Janet Bannister
Real Ventures
Janet Bannister
head shot of Dax Dasilva
Founder & CEO
Dax Dasilva
head shot of Chris Arsenault
iNovia Capital
Managing Partner
Chris Arsenault
head shot of Ben Harrison
Portag3 Ventures
Partner, Head of Partnerships & Policy
Ben Harrison
head shot of Megan Anderson
Head of The Trusted Signals Exchange
Megan Anderson
head shot of Steve Leightell
Georgian Partners
Steve Leightell
head shot of Kevin 	 Callahan
Head of Global Business Development Strategy & Operations
Kevin Callahan
head shot of Ron Glozman
Chisel AI
CEO and Founder
Ron Glozman
head shot of Sean	 Merat
Sean Merat
head shot of Dan DeMers
CEO and Co-Founder
Dan DeMers
head shot of Andrew Abouchar
TIMIA Capital
Chief Credit Officer
Andrew Abouchar
head shot of Dr. Dan	 Rosen
d1g1t Inc
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Dan Rosen
head shot of Joshua Green
Mysa Smart Thermostats
CEO and President
Joshua Green
head shot of Isadore Katz
Suometry, Inc.
Isadore Katz
head shot of Cherry Rose Tan
For Founders by Founders
Founder & CEO
Cherry Rose Tan
head shot of Tanay Delima
Co-founder, VP Product & Operations
Tanay Delima
head shot of Michael Hainsworth
Executive Producer, Host
Michael Hainsworth
head shot of Shayn Diamond
Whitecap Venture Partners
Shayn Diamond
head shot of Winston Fu
LDV Partners
Winston Fu
head shot of Greg Fields
Myplanet Ventures
Managing Director
Greg Fields
head shot of Stewart Bain
NorthStar Earth and Space
CEO and Co-Founder
Stewart Bain
head shot of Nick Romano
CEO and Co-Founder
Nick Romano
head shot of Sunil Sharma
Managing Partner
Sunil Sharma
head shot of Damien Steel
OMERS Ventures
Managing Partner and Global Head of Venture Capital
Damien Steel
head shot of Balaji Gopalan
Co-Founder and CEO
Balaji Gopalan
head shot of Stephane Bousquet
National Bank of Canada
Senior Manager, Digital Transformation
Stephane Bousquet
head shot of Siddharth	 Srivastava
McRock Capital
Vice President
Siddharth Srivastava
head shot of Craig Strong
Round13 Capital
Craig Strong
head shot of Brenda Hogan
Ontario Capital Growth Corporation
Chief Investment Officer
Brenda Hogan
head shot of Amy Olah
CIBC Innovation Banking
Executive Director
Amy Olah
head shot of Stefanie Corbett
Island Capital Partners
Associate & Director of Operations
Stefanie Corbett
head shot of Sean Silcoff
The Globe and Mail
Technology reporter
Sean Silcoff
head shot of Michelle Scarborough
BDC Capital
Managing Partner, Thrive Venture Fund and Women in Technology Venture Fund
Michelle Scarborough
head shot of Salim Teja
Radical Ventures
Partner & General Manager
Salim Teja
head shot of David Looi
National Bank of Canada
Sr Director, Technology and Innovation Banking
David Looi
head shot of Iliana Oris Valiente
Managing Director
Iliana Oris Valiente
head shot of Daniel Ku
PostBeyond Inc.
Director of Marketing
Daniel Ku
head shot of Michelle McBane
MaRS IAF (Investment Accelerator Fund)
Managing Director
Michelle McBane
head shot of Alan MacIntosh
Real Ventures
General Partner
Alan MacIntosh
head shot of Noah Chaikof
First Ascent Ventures
Senior Associate
Noah Chaikof
head shot of Breanna	 Hughes
League Inc.
AVP Product
Breanna Hughes
head shot of Paul Lypaczewski
Island Capital Partners
Paul Lypaczewski
head shot of John Stokes
Real Ventures
John Stokes
head shot of Laura	 McKay
COO & Co-Founder
Laura McKay
head shot of Sharon Zohar
The Big Push
Sharon Zohar
head shot of Xavier	 Debane
Head of Innovation & Agile
Xavier Debane
head shot of Brian	 Kelcey
Toronto Region Board of Trade
Vice President, Policy & Public Affairs
Brian Kelcey
head shot of Chitra Anand
The Greenhouse Approach
Intrapreneurship Expert
Chitra Anand
head shot of John Eckert
Round13 Capital
John Eckert
head shot of Christian Weedbrook
Founder and CEO
Christian Weedbrook
head shot of Adrian Schauer
Founder and CEO
Adrian Schauer
head shot of Martin Basiri
CEO and Co-Founder
Martin Basiri
head shot of Dan	 Leibu
League Inc.
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Dan Leibu
head shot of Alex	 Barrotti
Founder and CEO
Alex Barrotti
head shot of Jeff	 Tomlin
Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder
Jeff Tomlin
head shot of Miro	 Pavletic
Co-Founder and CEO
Miro Pavletic
head shot of Albert Lang
Payment Source
Vice President of Marketing and Strategy
Albert Lang
head shot of Lisa Cashmore
Vice President, Start and Scale
Lisa Cashmore
head shot of Eric In
CIC Capital Ventures
Director of Investments
Eric In
head shot of Karl Schabas
Verstra Ventures
Managing Director
Karl Schabas
head shot of Will Shaw
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Will Shaw
head shot of Kathryn Wortsman
Amplify Capital
Managing Partner
Kathryn Wortsman
head shot of Laura Buhler
Executive Director
Laura Buhler
head shot of Zane Schwartz
The Logic
Zane Schwartz
head shot of Diane Francis
National Post
Diane Francis
head shot of Claudio Rojas
National Angel Capital Organization
Claudio Rojas
head shot of Debbie Gamble
Interac Corp.
Chief Innovation Officer, Labs and New Ventures
Debbie Gamble
head shot of Boyko Kabakchiev
GeneYouIn, Inc.
Boyko Kabakchiev
head shot of Raghu Bharat
CIC Capital Ventures
Raghu Bharat
head shot of Adam Gibson
Head of Product
Adam Gibson
head shot of Anthony de Fazekas
Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP
Partner, Head of Technology & Innovation, Canada
Anthony de Fazekas
head shot of Ramin Wright
Luge Capital
Investment Associate
Ramin Wright
head shot of Blair Sherman
BDC Capital
Strategic Investments and Women in Tech
Blair Sherman
head shot of Senia Rapisarda
HarbourVest Partners (Canada) Ltd.
Managing Director
Senia Rapisarda
head shot of Alex Peh
RBC Royal Bank
Vice President, Merchant Solutions
Alex Peh
head shot of Bilal Khan
Managing Partner, Head of Deloitte Data
Bilal Khan
head shot of Rob 	 Attwell
Careteam Technologies
Co-Founder and COO
Rob Attwell
head shot of Robert	 Richards
Moon Express, Inc.
Founder & CEO
Robert Richards
head shot of Frederick Lavoie
Founder and COO
Frederick Lavoie
head shot of David Lloyd
PostBeyond Inc.
David Lloyd
head shot of Lynda Brown-Ganzert
Lynda Brown-Ganzert
head shot of John Stackhouse
RBC Royal Bank
Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO
John Stackhouse
head shot of Jesse Shapins
Sidewalk Labs
Director of Public Realm
Jesse Shapins
head shot of Kimberly	 Yeung
BDC Capital
Partner, Thrive Venture Fund
Kimberly Yeung



CIX IS ADDING a curated program for growth and later stage companies, CIX TOP 10 GROWTH, and the original CIX TOP 20 EARLY will focus on early stage companies.

To accept the CIX Innovator of the Year award in 2016 and the CIX Top 20 recognition in 2011 were truly humbling experiences. The awards help validate our work and inspire the team transforming how people around the world create, experience, and share stories.

- Allen Lau
Co-Founder & CEO

CIX Top 20 provided excellent media and brand exposure for Plum. Investors and potential customers often remarked that they noticed our company through the CIX Top 20. It provided excellent recognition and credibility as a growing company.

- Caitlin MacGregor

CIX is where you'll connect with the best Canadian tech talent from coast to coast. It's a critical event for anyone in the innovation ecosystem - it's where deals are made.

- Brenda Hogan
Senior Investment Manager
Ontario Capital Growth Corporation

CIX Top 20 is an important way to recognize entrepreneurs onto something big. CIX is a fantastic two-day experience both for the investors and the entrepreneurs.

- Sunil Sharma
Managing Director, Toronto Accelerator

CIX is a favourite annual event that allows me to reconnect with contacts representing all aspects of the Canadian technology landscape – startups, the established players, other investors and service providers. It's also a great place to make new connections and learn more about new innovators emerging in the community.

- Kerri Golden
Information Venture Partners

CIX is one of the best conferences for the tech ecosystem in Canada - it brings together investors and entrepreneurs from all over the country and beyond!

- Boris Wertz
Founding Partner
Version One Ventures


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