Speaker Cherry Rose Tan

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Founder Catalyst

Founder & CEO
Cherry Rose Tan

Cherry Rose is a fifth-generation entrepreneur, a high-performance coach, and an award-winning educator who has taught Canada's richest families. She teaches founders how to be emotionally indestructible, so they can excel at the highest levels of stress.

With an entrepreneurial lineage from the 1800s, Cherry Rose has built companies alongside her brother for 14 years. It led to the creation of Paycase Financial, Canada's first fully-compliant crypto exchange with TMX and BMO, where she acts as an early investor.

With a decade in psychology, she is a mental health authority in the tech space, speaking at conferences like Fireside. Her ten-year mission is to heal mental illness in the business world. She is creating Founder Catalyst, the first mental health layer for the startup ecosystem.

Speaking at: Mental Health and Startups: How to Make It a Priority


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